Room Rage!

Since we want to get a little community and, of course, love to develop games, we came to the following awesome idea: What if we show you a brand new game every 1-2 months to a topic given to us by experimental gameplay? We would like to spend a weekend once in a while where all of us come together and create something small and funny. If you like it, you can flattr us some money on each of those projects, every cent counts! If there’s enough donations we’ll spend another weekend working on the funded project or release content patches or something like this.

Enough of the idea, let’s get to business!

This month’s topic was 101 Things and we spent about 38 hours from mindmaps to gameplay variables to the (nearly) finished game. It’s not done yet, there are some improvements to make and interface elements to replace, but I think the basic idea is clear:
Shout at the things in your room and hide them before your mom enters and sees what you’ve done! Don’t forget to calibrate your microphone within the options menu before playing.

Thanks to your feedback we fixed some things:
– There’s a tutorialscreen on first launch that tells you what to do
– Ingame GUI looks a bit nicer
– Launcher options are less confusing

We also heard that the story isn’t readable with some of your computers. This is a font-rendering problem which applies on resolutions like 1366×768 and below. We will fix this in future releases.

Some of you also told us that the game isn’t even starting. This may be caused by a missing framework. Most of our games will be developed with Unity, so you’ll need the .NET framework which can be downloaded here: .NET Framework 4.0

Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it!

Here are the downloads:
Room Rage v1.1 for MacOS X (15,7MB)
Room Rage v1.1 for Windows (14,8MB)

Have fun playing!


PS: I forgot that one, flattr us something if you like (see top of the page)!

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  • Manu

    Don’t forget the great story of our game ;)

    “The young Dovahkevin has fought many a foe and travelled through the most dangerous lands. But now he faces a challenge greater than he could have ever imagined: His mom wants him to tidy up his room.

    And as he does not even know the meaning of the word broomstick he faces this new adventure with the same means as he had his countless adventures before; with the arcane magic of the dragon shout!”

  • Balint

    Nice game! Shouting was unnecessary, i simply blow away the things :)

    • Manu

      you huff und puff the stuff away? :P

  • Thomas Paul

    fühlt sich an wie cs 1.6 mit low gravity :D
    und die aussicht ausm fenster ist ein traum xD


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